Katie Comes a-Callin'

Words, music & jig © Maria Dunn, 2005
Arranged Maria Dunn & The McDades
Thank you to fine fiddler Fiona Coll for the title to this song.


Well, lately you've been floundering on the banks of misery
Content to be surrounded by meagre company
Your hopes have all been sinking while your bills are piling up
But when Katie comes a-callin' she'll fill your empty cup

You might be feeling sorry, you might be feeling blue
But when Katie comes a-callin', you know what you should do
You might be torn asunder, you might be just askew
But when Katie comes a-callin', you know it's good for you

Turn off the tunnel vision, put the kettle on for tea
Settle in to talking, not often that you're free
Pour that cuppa hot, lace it with a dram
The phone can go on ringing and don't you give a damn

Resentment you've been harbouring and lies that you've been fed
When Katie comes a-callin', you know they're good as dead
The cloud that you've been under and the bitterness you felt
When Katie comes a-callin', your heart will surely melt


Maria Dunn vocal, accordion
Shannon Johnson violin
Simon Marion acoustic guitars
Jeremiah McDade whistle
Solon McDade upright bass