© Maria Dunn, 2012

Inspired in part by a Vietnamese lullaby that Kim sang and translated for us during her interview.


My little child, my little one
May you grow to be so strong
Always know how loved you are
That’s why mommy works so hard
Grandma, grandpa, daddy too
All sing lullabies for you
And I know you love them, yes
But your mommy you love best

Now I sing this song for you
As you’ll sing one day for me
Now I give my hands to you
As you’ll give them back to me

We’ve crossed the open seas
For prosperity and peace
And the life of which we dream
Now, will lull you, child, to sleep
Rolling English off your tongue
With the ease of the young
You’ll have schooling and a home
A destiny your own

Someday I hope you’ll come to know
The place I called home
And I hope you will see
Why we had to leave
We have traveled shore to shore
Like all pilgrims have before
Though we found no streets of gold*
You are the treasure that I hold

Maria Dunn  vocal, acoustic guitar
Michael Lent  upright bass
Jeremiah McDade  whistle