© Maria Dunn, 2008

In 2004, Levi Strauss announced that they would no longer manufacture garments in North America. They closed the GWG plant in Edmonton.


Farewell my sister on the line, we worked for many years
And who’d have thought a factory job would bring us all to tears
But day by day and side by side, our common ground ensured
That piece by piece, we stitched together more than just the work

The kindness that you showed to me when I was newly here
Respect that kept me coming back, I always will hold dear
You knew yourself the stress and strain of having left your home
I’ll not forget the graceful ways you helped me learn and grow

They closed one here, they closed one there—some say we should have known
But when you’re good at what you do, you’ve power, you assume
Our work’s gone to a country where they’ll pay the women less
We’ll move on, take our strengths and try to make the best

Farewell my sister on the line, a farewell song we’ll sing
I won’t say goodbye because I know we’ll meet again
Every month we’ll gather and a welcome to each one
For in our hearts, we know a woman’s worth is never done

Maria Dunn  vocal, accordion
Shannon Johnson  violin
Ojas Joshi  tabla
Sharmila Mathur  sitar
Michael Lent  upright bass