Take It Easy On Me

© Maria Dunn, 1998 SOCAN

I'm a little girl, don't take up much space
But I'm trying to figure out my place
I go this way, that way-I make a mess
Seeking out the world with a child's finesse

And I'm a teenage boy on the awkward side
And you hurt my heart, never mind my pride
When you bully me for who I am
I'm just finding my way to the promised man

Take it easy on me

And I'm a grown woman, my eyes sore
Watching love smash to the floor
The biggest shards I've swept aside
But dust remains to break my stride

And I'm a broken man inside my head
And I can't remember what you said
And words, to me, slip from my grasp
So I mumble just to fill the gap

Can't find a job, I don't own a car
But you gotta eat no matter who you are
And dirt poor's not the same as dirt
And I'm trying to make this living work

And I've come from very far away
And I hope to find a better day
But your tongue trips my tongue flat
And I miss my home but I can't go back

"Take it easy on me" I say to the fool
Whose face I see in the rippled pool
It took so long recognizing myself
I dropped the prize that I once held

Maria Dunn lead vocal
Shannon Johnson harmony vocal, violin
Dawn Anderson harmony vocal
David Ward harmony vocal
Lester Quitzau dobro
Andy Illig acoustic guitar
Solon McDade electric bass