Ontario Song

© Maria Dunn, 2002

Horns arranged by Jeremiah McDade

Song arranged M.Dunn, A. Hillhouse, S. Johnson, S. McDade


Half a tank of gas ago

I left you in Ontario

I wish that setting sun would slow

The songs on my radio

Relentless passage of my car

Not content with where we are

Too intent on getting far

Before the day is done


Oh My Sweet Child

I miss you more and more

But we learn to cheat the miles

Always did before

Always did before


The mitten hand of Michigan

Propels me northward once again

All I can foresee now, friend

A yellow line without an end

Miles and miles of ragged rock

Hours and hours taking stock

If I believe the dashboard clock

I’ll never make it home


I pass through every kind of land

Start to sea the sky expand

My mind a rubber band

Stretched by Creation’s hand

A tiny dot just moving through

Connect the one from me to you

What’s a thousand miles or two

On the lifeline?


Someday I’ll be settled close

My rambling days a distant boast

We’ll gaze upon the same coast

The stars above the one host

For now it seems we’ll make do

With telephones and “how are you?”

Won’t be long ‘til I’m back through

Singing on your porch


Maria Dunn vocal

Curtis Appleton harmony vocal, banjo

Joel Gray trumpet

Andy Hillhouse acoustic guitar

Jeremiah McDade saxophone

Solon McDade upright bass

Audrey Ochoa trombone