Love Carries Me

© Maria Dunn 2019

Arranged M.Dunn, S. Johnson, J. McDade, S. McDade


I had years before I learned of hate, war and poverty

I had only love and lullabies upon your knee

Nothing I had chosen, nothing I had earned

Just everything that every child born to the earth deserves


Oh love, oh love, oh love carried me

Your love, your love, oh love carries me


And when, in time, I came to know of lies, shame and fear

You taught me truth, compassion, overcome, persevere

A hope I could nourish, a compass I could heed

Everything that every youth upon the path so needs


My childhood bracelets in a box, spark a vivid memory

Before I had the words, the vital message given me

Nothing you had spoken, but ringing crystal clear

Everything that every soul in struggle ought to hear




Maria Dunn vocal, acoustic guitar

Debbie Houle harmony vocal

Shannon Johnson violin

Jeremiah McDade whistle

Solon McDade upright bass