Music In The Meadow

© Maria Dunn, 2009

A wee ode to the Rocky Mountains. In the summer of 2009, I travelled from Edmonton to Mount Engadine Lodge, south of Canmore, AB to perform as part of the Music in the Meadow concert series hosted at the time by Chris and Shari Williams. After a magical two days in this beautiful atmosphere, I wrote this song on the way home.


I finally left the highway
Winding up in gravel
All that work and worry
Starting to unravel
Among the stoic giants
A living poem’s read, oh
If you stop to listen
There’s music in the meadow
Music in the meadow

Confident the chatter of
Whiskeyjack and swallow
The daily promenade of
Moose into the wallow
Off the beaten path
You clear your head-oh
Opening your ears
To music in the meadow
Music in the meadow

It’s not that you can’t find
Beauty in the urban
But peaceful moments seem
Few and for disturbin’
So we brace ourselves
Within the straight and narrow
Doing so we miss
Music in the marrow
Music in the marrow

Nature’s patient paintbrush
Shades this masterpiece
Revealing its glory
No matter your belief
You get the bigger picture
You’re tiny in its breadth, so
Lose the work and worry
There’s music in the meadow
Music in the meadow


Maria Dunn vocal
Shannon Johnson violin
Solon McDade upright bass